National Enterprise Development Iniciative

National Enterprise Development Initiative


The National Enterprise Development Initiative (NEDI) was established in 2004, under the Office of the Vice President but operationally supervised by the MOYS and receives funding from the Government of The Gambia, GAMJOBS and other private organisations such as the banks. The main purpose of its establishment is to empower the Gambian youth and women through the provision of training in business entrepreneurship, funding to operate businesses in the informal sector and business advice to ensure sustainability. Business advice provided is geared towards ensuring sustainability and expansion.


Even though it was set up in 2004, it was not until 2013 that it was fully institutionalised through the National Enterprise Development Initiative Act 2013. This has enabled clearer Terms of Reference and management structures and systems. Some of these systems include among others the HR Policy, Loans Policy and Service Scheme.


NEDI operates in all the seven regions of The Gambia and is involved in retail shopping, bakery, fishing and fish selling, catering, tailoring and butchery. Its establishment is aimed at not only the empowerment of Gambian youths and women, but also the availability and affordability of basic food items and services to the Gambian populace.



The Platform for Entrepreneurially Empowered and Independent Youth and Women



To Empower Gambian Youth and Women through the Provision of Training in Entrepreneurship and Investment, Loans to Operate Businesses in the Informal Sector and Business Advice to Ensure Investment Sustainability.


The mandate/functions of NEDI[1]are:

  1. Identify and select potential youth and women entrepreneurs through a well-defined criteria;
  2. Give out and administer loans to youth and women entrepreneurs;
  3. Conduct risk assessment and proper financial management;
  4. Provide entrepreneurial training for youth and women to promote employment creation for them;
  5. Develop business plans for potential youth and women entrepreneurs;
  6. Carry out business advisory and monitoring and evaluation services for existing and potential entrepreneurs; and
  7. Where it deemed prudent, engage in the business of importing and exporting basic commodities and other materials.


The NEDI may exercise such powers as are necessary to enable it perform its functions or incidental to the proper discharge of those functions, and in particular it may:

  1. Establish offices and branches  in any place(s) within The Gambia;
  2. Charge for any service(s) it provides; and
  3. Consult and seek the advice of any person in the performance of its functions.