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National Youth Council

National Youth Council was established by an Act of Parliament in 2000 and is currently headed by an Executive Director, who is appointed by the Hon. Minister in consultation with members of the Council. It is an autonomous and non-partisan body that allow for the representation of the interests of all young men and women irrespective of their ethnic, political or religious affiliation in all facets of development. Its main goal is empowering young: Gambian men and women.

Its functions/mandate includes:

  1. Conducting research on youth development;
  2. Monitoring the implementation of the National Youth Policy and decisions of the National Youth Conference;
  3. Mobilising resources for youth development;
  4. Working closely with charitable organisations involved in youth related work or activities;
  5. Organising youth conferences and festivals;
  6. Promoting networking with other national youth bodies and youth organisations abroad;
  7. Planning and implementing national youth programmes;
  8. Maintaining a databank on youth organisations and activities in the country;
  9. Registering national youth organisations;
  10. Determining the fees for the registration of youth organisations;
  11. Carrying out such other functions that may be desired in furtherance of the objectives of the Council and
  1. Supervising the operations of the Divisional Youth Committees.