National Sports Council

National Sports Council


The National Sports Council was enacted by the National Assembly and assented to by the President of the Republic on the 14th of December, 2000.


It is headed bythe Executive Director, who is appointed by the Minister. Other members include elected Regional Sports Chairpersons of the seven administrative regions, representatives of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education and Gambia National Olympic Committee, three experienced sports personalities (two of whom MUST be women) and the Executive Secretary who serves as Secretary to Council.


Functions & Responsibilities

The National Sports Council is the supreme council of sports in the country charged with the following functions and responsibilities:

  1. Advise the Minister on matters relating to sports;
  2. Act as the main promotional and coordinating agency of sports in the country;
  3. Strengthen the cohesion among the various structures of The Gambia Sports Association and other Sporting Organisations;
  4. Act as the approving body for the registration of National Sports Associations;
  5. Assist in co-ordination, monitoring and evaluating the implementation and impact of the programmes within the policy framework;
  6. Develop, promote and co-ordinate all forms of amateur and professional sports at the national and international levels;
  7. Promote the diversification of sports to all parts and at all levels in the country;
  8. Ensure that the National Sports Association at all levels conform to the national and international rules, regulations, norms, standards and codes of conduct governing the particular sport;
  9. Encourage the development, provision and maintenance of sports facilities for all concerned and ensure their equitable distribution and proper use;
  10. Assist registered National Sports Associations in the recruitment of competent coaches, instructors and their technical assistants in building capacity and enhancing performance in sports;
  11. Offer assistance to migrant Gambian sports persons in their engagements in foreign countries;
  12. Raise and maintain a fund from such sources  and by such means as the Minister may approve to enable the council to carry out its functions and achieve its goals;
  13. Administer the All Africa Games and all other sporting programmes organised by the Supreme Council for Sports in Africa or other recognised bodies; and
  14. Administer and manage the Sports Development Fund[1].



[1]The National Sports Fund and its mechanisms are being reviewed.