Independent Stadium and Friendship Hotel

Independence Stadium and Friendship Hostel (ISFH)


The Independence Stadium and Friendship Hotel (ISFH) was built by the Chinese Government in 1983 and completed in 1984 as a grant to the Government of The Gambia.


The objective was to cater for the growing needs of young people involved in sporting activities and also to give those involved in sports the opportunity to equally host international and local competitions. It also provided boarding and lodging facilities to teams, youth groups and visiting tourist at a much cheaper rate. It also has facility to host conferences, workshops and provides for private catering.


The Stadium is the only sporting complex that conforms with international standard, where all international football matches and athletics championship are hosted. Within the complex there is the main bowl (football field) and athletics running track for local and international championships.


The stadium housed the stadium management offices, various satellite institutions of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and some National Association and a gymnasium (weight Lifting) and an Aerobics centre.


The Friendship Hotel has 78 rooms, one main dining hall, three mini halls on each floor, kitchen, outside bar, restaurant and a swimming pool.


Even though called the Independence Stadium, it is charged with the management of all stadia, all government sporting facilities and the Friendship Hostel which is located in the Independence Stadium.