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Directorate of Planning and Programmes

Directorate of Planning and Programmes


This was established in 2013but fully operational in 2014. It replaces the then Department of Youth and Sports (DOYS) and this transformation is one the biggest achievements of the previous strategic plan (2010-2014). Its establishment stems from the strong recognition by the Ministry that effectiveness andefficiency in its work cannot be achieved without an appropriate structure for both short and long term planning and programming.


Its functions in general include policy and coordination of strategic planning of MOYS and monitoring/evaluation of its implementation. It is also   responsible in collaboration with both the National Youth and Sports Councils for the elaboration of youth and sports programmes development and for technical advice to the Permanent Secretary of MOYS and heads of its satellite institutions on matters of strategic concern on youths and sports.


However, the DOPP is not yet fully institutionalised as its scope of operations is not very clear. Thus, it is currently focused on operational rather than strategic issues. Theseproblems including weak capacity in planning need to be resolved as soon as possible to enable it fulfil the purpose for which it was established. As the technical arm of the Ministry, its proper functioning will have a knock-on effect on the entire Ministry and thus the realisation of its goals and objectives.